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If you're a book-lover who likes to swap books or get new books for free, this is the book swap site for you.

What is ReadItSwapIt?

At ReadItSwapIt, you can swap your old old old books for new ones.

It is a free book exchange website that allows you to swap the books you don't want for the second-hand books that you do.

Do you want free books?

Are you looking for new books to read?

Would you like to give books away or recycle old books?

All you have to do is register your books and then swap them with other readers in the UK. It's that simple!

And remember, it's completely free to use the site - all you pay for is the postage of sending the book.

Why use ReadItSwapIt?

If you love reading and regularly buy books, you'll know that new books are expensive. Even when you buy secondhand books, you usually get charged a fortune for postage and packing.

Swapping with friends offers you a very limited range of books - what if you don't like their taste in books? At ReadItSwapIt we have many thousands of books to choose from.

Once you've finished a book, just register it with ReadItSwapIt and then find a book that you want to read. If someone has a book you like, you can arrange the swap over the internet.