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We recommend that you add our admin email address ( and Forum message address ( to your "Safe Senders List" to avoid your verification email, and other important emails, such as swap requests and confirmations, going into your spam or junk mail folder (due to over-zealous filtering our emails sometimes end up being classified as spam or junk mail). If you have any doubts about what we'll use your email address for, check out our Privacy Policy.

For Hotmail:

1) Click on your 'Contacts' tab on the top right-hand side.
2) Click on your 'Safe List' folder on the left-hand side.
3) Type:
4) Type:

For Gmail:

1) Click on your 'contacts' folder on the left-hand side.
2) Click 'Add Contacts'.
3) Type:
4) Repeat, but this time type:

For Yahoo:

1) Click on your 'Addresses' tab at the top left of the page.
2) Click on 'Add new contact'
3) Type 'ReadItSwapIt Admin' as the name, and as the email address.
4) Repeat, but this time type 'ReadItSwapIt Forums', and as the email address.

For Other Email Providers:

Generally the best thing to do is to add and to your webmail contacts list, and also to the contacts list for any email software you use (for example, in Microsoft Outlook go to File > New > Contact). Please consult the help documentation, or contact the support team for your specific email provider for specific details.

Alternatively: check your spam/junk mail folder and if an email from us in there, click on 'not spam/not junk mail'.